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Terms & Conditions

About You

You are eager to play, excited about our meeting and ready for a great experience.

It’s important to you that we maximise our enjoyment in the time we have together and you appreciate mutual respect, and you have read and are willing to comply with my Terms and Conditions.

Keen to have your booking secured, you are enthusiastic about paying your deposit, and will do so within THIRTY MINUTES after our initial contact. Once your deposit has been received, I will contact you to confirm your booking.

Often circumstances arise where one of us must cancel our scheduled appointment. You are someone who understands this. If you need to cancel, you are considerate enough to do so within the required timeframe. If I must cancel, you will have the option to transfer the deposit to another time or I may provide you a refund.

You are thoughtful and intelligent enough not to ask for unprotected services, if you do you will be refused. You will never be able to make a further request as all contact with me will immediately cease.


Incalls are only offered when touring.

Unprotected Services

I do not offer ANY unprotected services.
Do not ask as your request will be refused.
Any further requests will result in my ending our time together immediately, with no refund.

STI/STD Checks

At the commencement of every appointment, I will conduct an STI check before you shower.

If you fail your check ort refuse examination, you will forfeit your deposit and I will insist on you visiting your nearest sex health center for testing.
If you wish to see me again. You will be required to provide a Doctor’s Certificate giving you a clean bill of health.

Bookings and Deposits

When making booking inquiries please be respectful and polite in your correspondence with me, and follow the guidelines outlined in my Contact page.

Deposit Fees

Outcall – $100 or 20% of total fee (whichever is higher)
On Tour/Fly Me To You – 50% of total fee

Deposits can be made via Beem It app to @ chaseydevil or via bank transfer.
Once the deposit has been received – this can take up to 24hrs to clear – I will contact you to confirm your booking.

Cancellations and Refunds

For local Guests: If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, your deposit may be transferred to another booking WITHIN 60 days. If not used within this time, you will not be eligible for a refund. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will NOT be eligible for a refund.

For Touring/FMTY Guests: Refund will only be provided with 72+ hours notice and at my discretion. If you wish to transfer the deposit, this will be available if time permits.

Travel Fees

A $100 travel fee applies to all outcalls when a guest is more than a 30 minutes drive from my location. This fee may be waived when booking my services for TWO hours or more