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Doubles Trouble – Curious?

What’s better then sharing an experience with another partner, or two?

A little about me: I am a professional companion and Dominatrix, a skilled and experienced practitioner in the world of kink and sensuality. Whether you are seeking a sensual massage or a full-scale BDSM session, I will help you explore your desires in a safe, consensual, and respectful environment. My passion is contagious!

Whether you are single, looking for a threesome or a couple and wanting another couple to join you, I would like to introduce you all to my new doubles partners:

Kai Sliver is a sensual Master, perfect for doubles trouble. Together we would to give you the experience of a life time. Maybe it’s time for your first bi-male experience, time to be completely dominated or to spoil yourself and receive all the attention from two professionals. Enjoy watching your own live show, right in front of your eyes, so close you can hear every sound, see every angle and smell every scent. Let us perform for you, be ourselves or follow your instructions.

More details can be found here

Leo Embers is addictive and cute, with a penchant for shenanigans. Constantly looking to go on adventures and explore new experiences. What do you want to experience with me?

*Leo is currently overseas on an epic adventure, but when he returns (dates to be announced) we will resume our doubles experience.

More details can be found here

We look forward to meeting you and sharing some exciting experiences xx